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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The MTA and city officials were bracing early Tuesday for a downpour set to soak the area.

MTA crews cleared drains to mitigate flooding risks and prepared specialized equipment to respond to downed trees along tracks or at stations. The measures came as workers prepared to head back to the office during the morning commute, following the long Labor Day weekend.

The tri-state area was set to be drenched Tuesday with its first major storm in some time. With the ground dry from the recent lack of rain, some areas could see flash flooding amid the drenching downpours, with the lower Hudson Valley and Connecticut in line for the worst of it.

In addition to the MTA’s efforts, New York City’s Emergency Management team has put its flash flood plans into effect for areas that typically see flooding. The city says that it’s augmented its flood monitoring and mitigation plan over the past year.

If those in affected areas have to leave home, they’re advised to budget extra time and stick to public transportation when possible. Motorists should take care not to drive into standing water, as just six inches can be enough to carry a car away during a flash flood.