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NEW YORK — Commuters in New York will face some challenges getting around this week.

Trains will run less frequently than usual from Monday through Thursday because of the COVID surge, according to the MTA. Riders should expect to wait longer for a subway.

“Subway service is running on a normal schedule with some exceptions. The winter surge of the omicron variant is affecting businesses across New York City, and that includes the MTA,” NYC Transit Senior Vice President for Subways Demetrius Crichlow said in a statement Monday morning.

Train crews will be reallocated as needed. The MTA is dealing with staff shortages, but the agency is working to implement New York’s revised quarantine guidelines for essential workers.

“We’re taking proactive steps to provide the best, most consistent service we can,” the MTA tweeted Sunday.

Riders are advised to check the MTA site before they head out to see how frequently trains are running from their subway stations.