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NEW YORK — Riders want to save money on their commutes and transit systems want to get them back on the trains and buses.

This week, MTA officials will vote on some new fare policies that they hope will do both.

Discounts would be put in place for 20-trip tickets for the Long Island Railroad and Metro-North.

Some off-peak fare pricing would change.

On buses and subways, riders using the tap-and-go fare payment system would see a savings after a certain number of taps. It’s called fare capping.

Riders who spend $33 during a 7-day period using OMNY would automatically get unlimited rides during that week.

Lisa Daglian is executive director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Council to the MTA.

“You don’t have to put the money up front. You pay for 12 rides and after the 12th ride, it’s free,” she explains.

The council has worked on fare policies and continues to advocate for additional deals, including for rides on the railroads within the boroughs.

OMNY vending machines will be installed throughout the system in the next months. The system is available via riders phones on all subways and buses.

More fare options with ONMY, including monthly unlimited cards and reduced fare, will be rolled out.