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NEW YORK — Commuters in New York can expect new fare options for the subway, bus, Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad next year.

MTA officials on Wednesday approved a new fare capping pilot program for users of the agency’s OMNY tap-to-pay system. 

Customers who use OMNY at subway stations and on local bus routes will pay the standard $2.75 per ride for their first 12 trips beginning every Monday. Any additional rides through Sunday of the same week will be free, making the maximum cost for “unlimited” rides $33 per week — the same cost as the MetroCard’s seven-day unlimited-ride option.

However, the added benefit to riders will be that they do not need to pay the full $33 upfront, eliminating any worry over whether pre-purchasing an unlimited ride plan is the best option.

The MTA also plans to implement new fare options for rail commuters next year. 

LIRR and Metro-North will offer new 20-trip tickets featuring a 20% discounted price compared to 20 peak one-way fares. The current cost of unlimited monthly tickets will be discounted by 10%.

All fares on LIRR and Metro-North will remain off-peak through Feb. 28, 2022.

The new fare options will kick off beginning March 1, 2022.