NEW YORK (PIX11) — A day after another deadly incident underground, the MTA held its regular monthly meeting. Once again, crime and safety was a main focus.

Understandably, commuters were shaken up following the death of 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez. The gunman who shot Enriquez in the chest, apparently at random, was still at large Monday night.

“According to witnesses, the suspect was walking back and forth and, without provocation, pulled out a gun and shot the victim,” NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey said Sunday.

The shooting was one of two that occurred in the subway system on Sunday. Police said two men got into a fight on a No. 2 train in Harlem around 2:45 a.m. and a 27-year-old man pulled out a gun and accidentally shot himself in the foot.

“It’s nerve-racking every day,” one straphanger told PIX11 News.

Another rider said she’s “way more alert” when taking the train. After a fatal shooting at the Jamaica Center-Parsons Archer station, she added her perspective changed. She uses the station herself, and always checks her surroundings now.

In April, 70 new officers started with the NYPD Transit Bureau. Earlier in May, the department reactivated its Train Patrol Force as well.

NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Jason Wilcox said the officers will “perform dedicated, visible and targeted patrols.”

Mayor Eric Adams, who used to be a transit cop himself, was on the train Monday. He said he wants riders to know safety on the system is a top priority.

PIX11 News’ Jay Dow has more on the search for the man who killed Daniel Enriquez in the video below: