NEW YORK (PIX11) — Many New Yorkers are unhappy with the high cost of living and are concerned about crime, affordable housing, and the migrant crisis, according to a new poll.

Nearly 60% of residents feel the quality of life in the state is declining while only 14% think it’s improving, according to a Sienna poll. It’s one issue Republicans, Democrats, and Independents overwhelmingly agree on, the data shows.

“A huge majority of Republicans, a large majority of independents and a plurality of Democrats all say the quality of life in New York is worse. In fact, a majority of virtually every demographic group – pluralities of Democrats, liberals and New York City voters – say things are getting worse,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said.

An overwhelming majority think crime and dealing with asylum seekers should be top priorities for Albany lawmakers. The poll found that 87% of Republicans believe dealing with the migrant crisis is the biggest concern compared to 51% of liberals.

The sides are closer to agreement on affordable housing and cost of living. About 77% of Democrats and 71% of Republicans think affordable housing is one of the state’s biggest issues. When it comes to how expensive New York is to live in, 86% of Republicans and 80% of liberals agree.

“For Republicans, addressing the migrant issue is the most important issue – even bigger than cost of living. For Democrats, availability of affordable housing is virtually tied with cost of living as the top issue,” Greenberg said.

When it comes to who should be in the White House, about 62% think President Joe Biden is unfit for office and 60% feel the same about former President Donald Trump, according to the poll. Thirty-three percent think both are unfit.

Mira Wassef is a digital reporter who has covered news and sports in the New York City area for more than a decade. She joined PIX11 News in 2022. See more of her work here.