NEW YORK (PIX11) — The timing of the resignation of Mets general manager Billy Eppler is so strange.  

He was at the introductory presser for the new President of Baseball Operations David Stearns on Monday.  Stearns and owner Steve Cohen both spoke glowingly of Eppler, and he then stepped down three days later. Yes, MLB is investigating Eppler for improper use of the IL during this past season.   

The question here is, who was the mole that squealed on Eppler? 

 But did that really cost Eppler his job?  

Also, everyone in baseball has used the so-called phantom injured list.  

The MLB wants to crack down on it because it could affect competitive balance and the players association does not like it based on service time implications and maybe a player being labeled as injury-prone. If Eppler’s massaging of the injured list is indeed true and it was egregious, the Mets could get fined, maybe cost them a draft pick or even a suspension.   

Eppler is cooperating with the investigation.  

Something does not pass the smell test.   

This is not some embarrassing violation for Eppler. For Eppler to step down because of this because he does not want to be a distraction, is a little much. There is more to this than we know right now.   

What MLB is investigating with Eppler has been done repeatedly in Major League Baseball.  Listen, Eppler was never going to be the main decision-maker when David Stearns took over, he knew that.  He was their front row at the presser on Monday.  

To now resign and then have the MLB investigation story get leaked and for that to be the reason for his resignation, smells fishy. But hey, that is just me.