NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mass vaccination sites are popping up again in New York City. This time, they’re not for COVID-19 — they’re for monkeypox.

Sebastian Kӧhn contracted the rare virus and is calling on the city to provide compassionate and competent care after weeks of people running around looking for tests and treatment.

“The combination of blisters, hives and 103-degree fever is out of this world,” Kӧhn said. “You can’t send severely sick people around in circles when they’re seeking care.”

Equitable relief is now in sight with over 8,200 vaccine doses available for appointment bookings on Friday evening. Moreover, three vaccination hubs will open on Sunday only at: Aviation High School in Queens, Bushwick Education campus in Brooklyn and the Bronx High School of Science. 

These sites come in addition to four smaller clinics operating in Chelsea, Harlem, Queens and soon in Staten Island — while supplies last.

Monkeypox presents as painful lesions and high fever. Infections in New York City jumped 175% in a week, as reflected in the 389 confirmed cases.

“It was pretty terrible — fever, aches, pains,” Kyle Planck said about monkeypox.

The federal and local government’s response to the infection that’s spread mostly through close contact and sex with gay and bisexual men has been slow, fueling widespread frustration.

The vaccine supply has also been low. Some city councilors are calling for a review of the failures.

“We should have been prepared for the distribution of this vaccine, yet we failed to adequately provide clarity and communication for thousands,” said City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams.