CHELSEA, Manhattan (PIX11) — The New York City Health Department confirmed more than 14,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine have arrived in the city. Vaccination sites will now expand to all five boroughs, as well.

Currently, there are 389 confirmed cases of the disease across New York City. However, the Department of Health said there are likely more cases that have not been diagnosed.

The vaccine expansion comes as LGBTQ+ advocates are calling for more equitable vaccine outreach.

One monkeypox patient, Kyle Planck, had the disease on his radar long before the city’s health alert. He works as a scientist and specializes in infectious diseases.

When Planck came down with “pretty terrible” flu-like symptoms in late-June, he told PIX11 News he thought he had COVID. But when he tested for the coronavirus, he was negative.

A few days later, a rash appeared. He was tested by the infectious disease team at Weill Cornell. He said the test is a swab of the lesions that are caused by monkeypox.

“There is no test that works that we have yet before the spots show up,” he said. “So if somebody is feeling feverish … there’s no way to know if it’s potentially monkeypox until the spots actually show up.”

The treatment for monkeypox — tecovirimatt — is stockpiled by the United States in case of bioterrorism. Planck said his care team had to take on a lot of paperwork to get him the treatment. Within a few days of starting, his lesions started healing.

Planck is now part of a research study in which he monitors potential side effects. Another patient, Sebastian Kohn, is in the same group.

He said the combination of blisters, hives and fever he experienced was “out of this world.”

Kohn was one patient who tried — and failed — to get vaccinated against monkeypox. He’s now calling for equitable access to the shots, as well as compassionate care.

“You can’t send severely sick people around in circles when they’re seeking care,” he told PIX11 News.