NEW YORK (PIX11) — For four wives and mothers, their road to success in business is paved with a healthy dose of coordination, laughs and lots of coffee.

It’s a balancing act for sure, but it’s one that has allowed each of the entrepreneurs to grow their own “side hustle” into a fully developed, profitable and successful business.

The group consists of:

  • Christie Hart, who owns and operates Every Excuse for a Party
  • Jenny James, who, along with her husband, runs One Stop Hop Party Rentals
  • Gwen Charles is a gourmet baker and the owner of Amuse Bouche Events Design
  • Jessenia Cosme, with a strong assist from her husband, owns and operates JC Art Designs

The next chapter for this rock star quartet is launching during this year’s Women’s History Month. It’s a uniquely named collaboration called The Everyday Entrepreneur.

With this new venture, they plan to leverage their combined business experience and expertise to help the next generation of budding entrepreneurs, both men and women.

“I worked full time prior to this. I started this as a side business. And when I realized that I could do more with this and create a life that was better for me as a mom, that was life changing for me,” said Hart.

Cosme said her “eureka moment” came one day after coming home from a long work day at her corporate job.

“I would like The everyday entrepreneur to realize they don’t have to be married to teh corporate life to live a comfortable life,” said Cosme.

Charles said she and her partners entered into this next entrepreneurial chapter realizing so many people don’t have the privilege of having families with a background in business.

“We don’t come from background that have easy access to people who have been running small business brick and mortars for years and years. We hope to bring professionals, people who are experts in their field, to manage and facilitate these workshops,” said Charles.

Hart, James, Charles and Cosme are indeed onto something. According to a 2019 United States Small Business Administration study, women-led businesses employed more than 10 million workers and rung up $1.8 trillion in receipts.

Additionally, between 2014 and 2016, the number of women-owned employer firms grew 6%, twice the growth rate of employer firms owned by men.

“We always say, if we had this knowledge, we would have been ten times more successful so much sooner. You can do whatever you want. Just set your mind and your time and ambition and motivation around it, and you can get it done,” said James.

The Everyday Entrepreneur’s website is now live and so is their Instagram account.