HOWARD BEACH, Queens (PIX11) — The mother of Philip Guarino, who was only 28 when his body was wheeled on a hand truck to a backyard in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, still can’t accept the way her son’s corpse was handled.

“He was wrapped up in some kind of plastic, and he was wheeled, and thrown in somebody’s yard,” Diane said. She asked that her last name not be used.

Yet the mother won’t be quiet about her fight to determine what happened in the last 48 hours of her son’s life, before he was wheeled into the driveway on 72nd Street in Dyker Heights.

Guarino’s girlfriend said he’d left his Howard Beach, Queens, basement apartment on Sunday evening, July 24, about 5 p.m. and didn’t return. His body was found, in a different borough, on Tuesday morning about 11:39 a.m.

“All those hours missing,” she said. “For two days. That’s not normal.”

Guarino’s mother has been calling NYPD detectives over and over again to push the investigation along. She recently received an autopsy and toxicology report form the Office of Chief Medical Examiner (ME), but the ME told PIX11 News, “The cause of death is undetermined, and the manner of death is undetermined…the ME cannot make a conclusion…with scientific certainty.”

Philip Guarino’s 2020 black Mercedes SUV was found in a different part of Queens, his mother said, but she’s more focused on why his body ended up in Brooklyn.

The mother told us a section of the ME’s report noted “A short-sleeved yellow T-shirt is over the head but bunched around the neck; the arms are not in the sleeves.”

She was also upset to learn the hyoid bone near her son’s thyroid gland was broken.

She wants to know if her son could have been a victim of some kind of poisoning.

Philip Guarino was a former construction worker, according to his mother, and she said he recently started a city job.

“He had a big heart,” his mother remembered through tears. “He trusted people. He was that kind of kid…and a lot of people played on that.”

Philip Guarino was his mother’s only child, and she said her son texted her every morning. That’s why when she didn’t receive a text on Monday morning, July 25, she was concerned.

“I called the phone, and it went to voicemail,” the mother said.

The mom said when she went to her son’s home in Howard Beach that his girlfriend, who was visiting from Florida, claimed she didn’t know what happened. The mother said the girlfriend reached out to her son’s acquaintances on Instagram.

The mother was especially upset about a front-page headline in the newspaper that showed her son’s photo and these words, “Special Dead-livery.”

“Every second I breathe, all I do is think about my son,” the mother said, her voice choking with emotion. “He wasn’t a street thug. He wasn’t a wanna-be.”

The mother said her son bought the Howard Beach home a couple of years ago and rented the two larger apartments above his basement apartment.

Philip Guarino’s mother said, “I’m not going to let this go.”

And she had a message for the person who wheeled her dead son to a yard in Brooklyn.

“I hope you rot in hell,” the mother said.