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NEW YORK — Nostalgic New Yorkers can get a glimpse of the city streets’ of yesteryear with a new, interactive map cataloging the Big Apple of the 1980s.

The site,, has nearly 1 million digitized pictures arranged in Google Street View style. Site creators Brandon Liu and Jeremy Lechtzin got the photos of Ed Koch-era NYC from an old project that aimed to photograph every property in the city for taxation purposes.

“Taken as a whole, the thumbnails paint a distinctive picture of what New York City was like in the 1980s,” it says on the site. “In many places, still recovering from near-bankruptcy in the prior decade which left hulks of burned-out buildings and garbage-strewn lots; in other places, still hanging on to the grandeur and glory of the greatest city in the world.”

New York also has tax photos from about 80 years ago, but those have not been digitized.

Notable buildings and locations are also highlighted in a “stories” section. Since the city only took photos of taxable properties, photographs of every building may not be available.