NEW YORK (PIX11) – There’s a new rat czar in town. 

Kathleen Corradi previously headed up rat mitigation efforts with the Department of Education. She’s also a former school teacher with a degree in biology and a master’s in urban sustainability. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams chose Corradi out of the roughly 900 applicants who responded to the city’s job posting. In March, Adams said he would create a position that directly addresses the rat problems in New York City.

“We needed a maestro. Rats impact how you feel about the city that you’re in. We can’t be philosophical about things that impact the quality of life,” Adams said Wednesday while announcing his pick for the position.

The administration also expanded the rat task force that connects New York City agencies, including the sanitation and health departments. 

“Real full-time focused leadership is needed to get the job done,” said Deputy Mayor Meera Joshi. The city’s efforts will kick off with a rat mitigation zone in Harlem. In April, new rules went into effect regarding how and when residents, building owners and business owners can put trash on the curb for pickup.