In the wake of mass shootings, seven New York mayors launched Gun Violence Awareness Month together on Tuesday, pledging to support each other in cracking down against illegal guns. 

During the meeting, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the state needs more agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Adams also called for stricter federal gun laws and more resources for the grassroots organizations that tackle gun violence locally.

“We need to ensure that we give support to local crisis management teams and organizations,” Adams said. 

Despite weeks of violence concerns in New York City, Mayor Adams reported progress in the boroughs.

“We have a 30% decrease in shootings in the city during the month of April,” he said during an interview with MSNBC. “We’re looking at that same pathway in the month of May.”

Adams says since he’s been in office, 2,9000 guns have been taken off of city streets.

“We have precision policing on the dangerous people that are carrying guns and using guns,” Adams said.