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NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York City officials and local law enforcement were unhappy Friday that a teenage rapper from the Bronx was released from custody Thursday on bond after allegedly shooting an NYPD police officer earlier in the month.

“He has not been charged with attempted murder of a police officer. And for a gun case for a 16-year-old, a $250,000 insurance company bond is very very reasonable,” defense attorney Dawn Florio said.

Florio represents 16-year-old Camrin Williams. She confirmed the teen is a rapper and was recently signed by a major record label. She said Williams was targeted.

“When they piled on top of him, he became a victim because the gun went off and he was shot in the groin and when he was shot in the groin, that same bullet went out through his thigh and that same bullet grazed the police officer in his leg,” Florio said.

The NYPD said they recovered the gun from the teen after the Jan. 18 scuffle in the Belmont section of the Bronx. Police officer Kaseem Pennan was struck in the leg. He is one of five NYPD officers that have been shot since the start of 2022.

Hours after that shooting, Mayor Eric Adams was fed up. He said Williams “… was arrested at 14-years-old for being in possession of a gun. At 16 he is arrested again and this time he discharged the gun.”

David Caba is the senior director of Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence.

“I wish when he got caught with the gun the first time that he came our way. I wish that he came our way. We need more programs like ours,” Caba said.

The Bronx district attorney’s office said it had asked for remand but the judge allowed for bail.

Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch called the release disgraceful.

“This individual chose to carry illegal guns, twice. He chose to fight with and shoot a New York City police officer,” he said.

Mayor Eric Adams also released a statement criticizing bail reform. He said New Yorkers should “all be outraged that a repeat offender, accused of shooting at a police officer, is today walking free.”

Camrin Williams is due back in court on Feb. 4.