NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams will be traveling to El Paso on Saturday as New York City continues to see an influx of asylum seekers.

The trip comes as more than 3,100 asylum seekers arrived in New York City in the past week, Adam’s administration said Friday.

“Since last spring, the city has stepped up to welcome approximately 40,000 asylum seekers, providing them with shelter, food, and connections to a host of resources,” Adams said. “We have opened 74 emergency shelters and four humanitarian relief centers at breakneck speed, and done this almost entirely on our own.”

The mayor called on the state and federal governments to support New York City as officials strain to provide housing and support. However, Adams said that the price tag to support the incoming migrants is now anywhere between $1.5 and $2 billion, double what he originally projected.

“We are at our breaking point. Based off our projections, we anticipate being unable to continue sheltering arriving asylum seekers on our own,” said Adams.

Ariadna Phillips, of South Bronx Mutual Aid, said additional state or federal aid is not the answer.

“What we need is long-term permanent housing. That needs to be the solution. Instead of these band-aids that are not going to be a solution for anyone,” said Phillips.

During his visit to El Paso, Adams will make multiple stops along the U.S.-Mexican border.