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NEW YORK — Just three days after being sworn in, Mayor Eric Adams spoke with the PIX11 Morning News on Monday about everything from New York City’s winter COVID surge, keeping students in school and keeping schools safe, vaccine mandates, city crime and more.

Adams doubled down on his message that he’s going to be a “get stuff done” mayor.

COVID safety in schools

Omicron’s dominance and a sharp rise in cases are causing staffing concerns in areas including public transit, air travel, health care and more.

While few teachers across the city have tested positive, cases among students and school staff have caused some to wonder if schools can stay open amid the COVID surge.

Adams vowed Monday that New York City schools would remain open and will have the manpower needed to keep kids “in the safest place for them, and that is in the school building.”

Vaccine and booster shot mandates

While Adams is, for now, keeping in place former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s private sector vaccine mandate, many New Yorkers wonder if there will be additional or stricter mandates.

Adams said there is currently no need to expand mandates to include the booster shots. However, if his health professionals advise him differently in the future, he would not hesitate to do what’s necessary to keep people safe.

Crime and gun violence

After an off-duty NYPD officer was shot while sleeping in his car in a precinct parking lot early New Year’s Day, Adams vowed the NYPD would find the gunman.

“We’re going to find the shooter. We’re going to get him and that gun off our streets,” the mayor said.

Adams also said he has the “utmost faith” in new NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell.

The mayor said the city’s plans to tackle gun violence in the new year include coordinating efforts between city, state and federal agencies.

Small businesses

“I think it’s crucial to keep small businesses alive,” Adams said when asked about local establishments who’ve struggled through the pandemic.

The new mayor added that he believes the city can’t shut down again like it did in 2020 due to COVID.