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Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that he will crackdown on childhood exposure to lead paint, promising a “Lead Free NYC” plan to screen every apartment in the city, public and private.

“And so today we make clear that New York City commits to zero lead in our city. We commit to ending the scourge of lead paint poisoning once and for all. This is a Vision Zero approach. This report today literally is the plan to end once and for all lead paint poisoning in New York City,” promised Mayor de Blasio.

The mayor also promised to bring the number of children exposed to lead in NYC to zero.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Monday, sitting next to sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia who is also now the city’s lead czar, helped lead a 90-day review of all city agencies approach to lead prevention.

Under the “Lead Free NYC” plan, every apartment in NYC will be tested, that includes 135,000 apartments in NYC public housing, starting this year.

For months, PIX11 news told the stories of families with children affected by lead.

hen last August, the city revealed over 1,100 children inside public housing were exposed to lead.

“Lead free NYC” promises the city will screen every apartment, target unsafe consumer goods, provide children with dedicated nurses and promises all city agencies work together to respond to lead exposure in children.