PUERTO RICO (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams flew down to Puerto Rico on Sunday, pledging his support to the people impacted by Hurricane Fiona’s destruction.

“We don’t say it lightly that Puerto Rico is the sixth borough of New York City. We mean it. And we’re going to continue to be committed to this,” Adams said in video posted on Twitter.

Speaking with officials in Puerto Rico was the bulk of his agenda Sunday, according to the mayor’s public schedule, which included meetings with Puerto Rico’s governor, secretary of state, FEMA, the president of the Dominican Republic and the mayor of San Juan.

“We sent a team earlier immediately after the storm ended. Now this is the next wave and we’re going to continue to speak directly to the officials here and be a partner,” Adams said.

New York resident Stephanie Rodriguez told PIX11 News her family in San Juan doesn’t have steady electricity. Hundreds of thousands are still without power. Many Puerto Ricans never fully recovered from Hurricane Maria five years ago.

“I feel like [Adams] could’ve sent resources over there instead of being over there,” Rodriguez said. “They just need resources and firsthand help. As far as having meetings, there’s more dire situations to attend to.”

Gov. Kathy Hochul has already deployed 50 state troopers to Puerto Rico and plans to send 50 more. New Jersey State Police also deployed a team that left for Puerto Rico on Saturday.