NEW YORK (PIX11) — Almost 600 people have been shot in New York City so far this year, according to data from the NYPD. 

Mayor Eric Adams’ aim is squarely focused on stopping the ongoing gun violence at levels not seen since 2006. He’s reportedly creating a first-ever “gun violence czar” to oversee the city’s effort. 

Andre T. Mitchell will assume the new prevention position, according to the New York Times. The founder of the nonprofit organization “Man Up!” Mitchell has been part of the much-touted cure violence movement which tries to help those who have fallen into a life of crime and works to turn those lives around. 

Mitchell told the New York Times he will be working for the city on a volunteer basis to build on the efforts of the mayor, who laid out a blueprint to end gun violence earlier this year. Adams’ plans revolve around summer youth employment and education opportunities focused on putting kids on the right path. 

“We’re going to give them the skills and training because if they have a hammer in their hand, they won’t have a gun in their hand,” Adams said.