NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams is known to frequently speak off-the-cuff, but this week he seemed to put his foot in his mouth. While singing the praises of Goliath New York, he belittled the little state of Kansas, casting a shadow over the “Sunflower State” that has caused somewhat of a brouhaha.

The mayor stated that “Kansas doesn’t have a brand.” They were words that touched the souls of the three million people of Kansas, seeing them as coming from the big guy slamming the little guy.

Adams’ words came as he was recapping his visit to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, boasting about the positive reaction he got when people saw him wearing a polo short with the word “Mayor.” He said that delivered an important message. “New York has a brand,” he said, adding, “when people see it, it means something. Kansas doesn’t have a brand … OK. When you go there you’re from Kansas, but New York has a brand, and that brand means diversity.”

But in the words of Kansans, that means “how dare you insult us.”

Kansas Republican Congressman Jake LaTurner countered, “We know what the brand is in New York City. It is the highest rent in the country, the highest crime. I think the mayor has his hands full and he oughta leave Kansas alone.”

Another Kansan, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, tweeted, “Mayor Adams brand? Crime, Violence, and crushing taxes. Kansas brand? Nation’s breadbasket and aviation capital of the world, all powered by hard-working, decent people who put family, faith, and community first.”

Modern Family comedian Eric Stonestreet, a Kansan who has often visited New York, didn’t like it either, but offered this tweet, “I find beauty in both places and with the people from both places. Too bad NYC’s elected leader can’t say the same thing.”

Kansas may be a small state, but it does have some cultural branding of its own. Dorothy, aka Judy Garland, immortalized Kansas as she lived her fantasy there in the classic film, “Wizard of Oz.” And we can’t forget that Superman, aka Clark Kent, grew up there after his parents shipped him off from the planet Krypton.

Adams’ off-the-cuff remarks have generated a firestorm of reaction on social media. This is not the first time he has belittled a location in the nation’s heartland. PIX11 News reached out to City Hall to see if the mayor had any reaction to the reaction his brouhaha has created. We haven’t heard back yet.