NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams responded to a senseless shooting where an 11-month-old baby girl was caught in the crossfire, calling the city’s increased gun violence “an abandonment on all levels of government.”

The mayor said the NYPD can’t tackle the rise in violence alone.

“I do ask you to call your [elected officials] and please beg for them to put a stop to this,” Deputy Chief Timothy McCormack said.

The conversation around how public policy impacts crime on the streets has heated up in recent weeks, especially after new Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg issued a 10-page memo informing prosecutors to no longer seek jail or prison time for several felonies.

Bragg defended and clarified his position Thursday, giving PIX11 News exclusive access as he prepared to do so.

He said he understands why the memo gave some the wrong impression of how he’d enforce the law.

“I’ve been a lawyer for a long time,” Bragg said, “I have not been a [communications] person.”

Bragg said his office will be prosecuting all robberies involving guns as a felony, and his office will work to trace guns taken off the streets back to their source.

In response to Adams’ call for help addressing gun violence, Bragg told PIX11 News he’s “talked to those in city government” about having an “integrated approach” to the issue.