LOWER MANHATTAN (PIX11) — New York workers, business owners, and legislators will unite Tuesday at City Hall to continue the push for a higher minimum wage at the state level.

The group, organized by the “Raise Up New York” coalition, came together following the introduction of legislation outlining annual minimum wage increases. If approved, the bill would raise the minimum wage in New York City and its suburbs to $21.25 an hour by 2026. The minimum wage for the rest of the state would increase to $20 hourly. The legislation would also ensure workers in New York get annual raises and earn enough money to cover essentials, such as rent and food.

The fight began ten years ago with a push to raise the minimum hourly wage to $15. That figure went into effect nearly four years ago, but the minimum wage has since stagnated, while the cost of living continues to rise and, now, inflation surges. Tuesday’s march commemorates the successful push for $15, while acknowledging that the fight for more continues.

While addressing the city’s housing and homelessness crisis on Monday, Mayor Eric Adams talked about the struggles New Yorkers face just trying to get by.

“People are struggling, and it’s not only low-income [individuals],” said Adams. “Speak to that accountant and that cook. Or, if you work in a fast-food restaurant and you and your spouse are both being paid minimum wage, there’s just hurdles.”

Legislators behind the new bill in New York would need support from Gov. Hochul, not just to raise the minimum wage upstate, but also in the city.