NEW YORK (PIX11) — More than half of the doors at New York City Housing Authority developments are either broken or propped open, a new audit released by the NYC comptroller found.

The report shows it’s a problem thats only gotten worse over the last few years. Comptroller Brad Lander said NYCHA has a “culture of broken doors” and it has to change.

Residents Alexander Felton and Cassandra Bowlin said they have an open door policy when it comes to family and friends visiting at the Melrose Houses, but the situation with broken doors is ridiculous.

Bowlin, who’s the tenant president, said several doors are chronically broken at her NYCHA development. Lander’s report found almost three in five buildings in NYCHA were unsecured, with entry doors that were open, locks that were broken, or both. That’s nearly three times the percentage in 2018. 

The borough with the highest amount of unsecured doors was Brooklyn.  PIX11 news has covered broken doors in NYCHA developments across the city for years.  

A NYCHA spokesperson tells PIX11 News, “Vendors will repair the doors at Melrose Houses and Mott Haven Houses this Monday. NYCHA is also working with the local public safety office to monitor for illegal activity and unauthorized entrants.”

The completed NYCHA door review can be viewed here.

The survey for NYCHA residents will run through the end of September and is available in six different languages here. If NYCHA residents wish to give feedback on this review, suggest ideas for other audits, or reach out about other issues, they can contact the Comptroller’s Community Action Center at (212) 669-3916. To view past audits of NYCHA, please visit the Comptroller’s website here. NYCHA financial spending data, contract information, and vendors can be tracked on Checkbook NYC.

For more on audits released during Comptroller Lander’s tenure, please visit the new audit recommendations tracker here.