MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) — A woman is afraid to walk the streets alone after she was randomly attacked by a man with a screwdriver in Midtown Manhattan Wednesday.

The 61-year-old victim was on 57th Street between Seventh Avenue and Eighth Avenue when the man walked up and stabbed her in the arm around 3:40 p.m., an NYPD official said.

The victim said she was on her way home from work but first stopped into a bank. “After I went to the bank, somebody stabbed me in the shoulder,” the victim said. The man said nothing and just kept walking down the street after attacking her, the victim told PIX11 News.

A manager at the nearby Brooklyn Diner saw the woman bleeding shortly after the attack. He said the attack left customers shaken.

Police believe a homeless man known in the area was responsible for the attack, sources said. Police are looking into whether or not the same man is responsible for another attack on the same street just minutes after. In that incident, a 15-year old girl was punched in the head.

What happened to the 61-year old woman has some New Yorkers questioning what is the city doing about all the unprovoked attacks.