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EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan — A Brooklyn woman is still nursing her wounds a week after she was attacked by a homeless man inside an East Village CVS.

A homeless man ran up to her, punched her and hit her with a metal bar on Dec. 30.

“At that moment, I quickly reacted and I started fighting him,” Tricia Lewis said.

He was arrested at a nearby subway station, but Lewis was left with serious lacerations to her face and hand.She was transported to the hospital where she received 11 stitches to her face.

Lewis believes the lack of security at CVS put her in harm’s way. She is also upset that CVS never contacted her afterwards.

“To add insult to injury, they never contacted me; the district manager never contacted me, corporate never contacted me to find out if I was OK,” she said. “I didn’t bring the fight, the fight came to me on CVS grounds and that’s why I feel they should be held responsible.”

According to personal injury attorney Marie Napoli, cases like Lewis’ are more common than you think. She said it all boils down to security, especially in an area that has seen an uptick in homelessness.

“There should’ve been more security because they are fully aware of the homeless problem in the area,” Napoli explained. “This was foreseeable.”

A CVS spokesperson told PIX11 the “store’s security policies and procedures are designed to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.”

The spokesperson said that CVS had investigated and “determined that all three store employees rendered assistance to our customer.”

Lewis still plans to pursue legal action.

PIX11’s Andrew Ramos has more in the video above.