BROADWAY, Manhattan (PIX11) — The hit Broadway musical “Wicked” celebrated its 20th anniversary Monday night at the Gershwin Theater.

Original cast members Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth were among those who attended the milestone performance.

“I feel kind of emotional, honestly,” said Menzel, who played the original Elphaba. “I feel proud. Really tremendous sense of pride.”

Chenoweth described opening night as “the happiest I can ever remember being, besides winning the Tony Award.”

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In April, “Wicked” surpassed “Cats” to become the fourth longest-running show in Broadway history, behind “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Chicago,” and “The Lion King.”

“I think the reason why it’s been around forever is because of the themes of the show, really owning who you are,” said Menzel. “And what makes you different is what makes you extraordinary.”

Other cast members expressed deep gratitude for being part of such a longstanding show.

“To see the way that it’s affected so many people around the world and in our country is just humbling,” said Amanda Jane Cooper, who played Glinda.

“It’s just overwhelming because dreams literally came true,” said Jennifer DiNoia, who played Elphaba.

“I feel like Idina and I did our jobs because so many women have come after us and soared in those parts,” said Chenoweth. “And now, 20 years later, it’s still running.”

Dozens of fans also went out to the Gershwin Theater ahead of the anniversary show to watch cast members walk the green carpet.

Kayenta Cruz traveled from North Carolina and went dressed in a custom Elphaba gown with elaborate makeup.

“I actually got the brand makeup that they use in the show,” said Cruz.

Suzie Goddard of Brooklyn dressed her dog as a scarecrow for the occasion.

“So much of my adulthood has been taken up by ‘Wicked’ because it started right when I graduated high school and it’s still going,” said Goddard. “So being able to see it throughout these 20 years is the best.”

“Wicked” fan Chris Tuttle of Utica said he’s become friends with fellow Oz lovers.

“When we see each other at shows, we all say hi to each other,” said Tuttle. “You know, drinks after the show to celebrate what we just saw. It’s a great community all around.”