EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (PIX11) — From her bastion of booze called Lucky to this temple of temperance called Hecate, owner Abby Ehmann just opened a local dive bar on Avenue B. Hecate is serving up all of the atmosphere, but none of the booze.

So, why a sober dive bar?

“A person who is in recovery or is sober can go to a regular bar and order a seltzer,” Abby Ehmann, owner of Hecate, told PIX11 News. “But where can they go to just hang out with friends without alcohol and be themselves?”

This sober bar is named after the Greek goddess of witches and crossroads called Hekate. It’s part art gallery but also filled with quirky merchandise and earrings, as well as a corner for poetry readings.

It’s clearly all about community and having a place to hang out without alcohol at night.

One of the bartenders in recovery.

“I grew up around a sober dad, 35 years sober now,” Faith Mendoza told PIX11 News. “It’s important to have that as an option. But also if you want a drink, you can go right across the street.”

Ehmann whipped up something for PIX11’s Magee Hickey to help her perk up during the city’s ongoing heat wave. The drink was made with Three Spirit Social Elixir, Spark Plug cinnamon ginger simple syrup and alcohol-free prosecco.

The drink is now officially called the “PIX Me Up.” It can be served up alongside snacks like vegan caramel corn and dipped pretzels.

“My main vice is sugar, so this is the perfect place for me,” Jennifer-Jo Moyer, a baker, said.

There is even a tarot card reader/diviner on site Sundays. Matthew Collura said he is looking into the future of alcohol-free bars.

The next night of musical acts, comedy and spoken word poetry is Aug. 10.