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NEW YORK — Good things come to those who wait, right?

Well one ice cream shop in the city is taking that very seriously, which means if you want something sweet, you have to see the bouncer and get in line.

When the stars come out — the chocolate stars that is — and ice cream scoops are full, the line begins at The Sweet Shop on the Upper East Side.

Candy jars are stacked high to the ceiling, cookies line the shelves and desserts that don’t disappoint cram every corner of the pint size store.

But that’s only once you get through the door.

Like any good spot in the city, there’s the rope, the line and yes even a bouncer.

Kelly Jaime is the storeowner and during some nights, the doorman.

He says this Saturday night scene is all about keeping customers safe.

“We’re moving around glass jars, and we want everyone especially our littlest of clients to have a very good experience.”

So before you can sink your teeth into dessert, you have to plant your feet on the red carpet and wait your turn.

But customers don’t seem to mind lining up.

“If you try the ice cream and the other sweets here, you know why you have to wait in line,” said one customer.

Inside, you have your choice of ice cream makers from all around the city: OddFellows in Brooklyn to il laboratorio del gelato in the Lower East Side, and flavors like salted caramel and this is choco-torto on a cone for the ultimate sugar high.

Having a doorman to get you in for a dessert is a first for one city visitor from California.

“It’s pretty weird. Behind the red carpet with the rope and everything. It was cool though. It was different, very New York,” Chris Shane said.

Kelly the candy man said lines could go all the way down the block.

A queue like that can take about 20 minutes, but if you’re lucky, you won’t need to wait in line.