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EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan — A night of music in East Village turned into a brawl late Saturday night at a concert in Webster Hall.

Fans took to social media to post about a fight at the Skate Maloley concert. Sources say the fight began with an argument involving two women.

Security allegedly tried to break it up. The performer then got involved in the fight after thinking a security guard was choking a fan.

Although there is video proof of the fight, police say no arrests were made.

Now fans of rapper are battling Webster Hall on social media with an online petition to shut the venue down. According to their petition, it’s an effort to avoid the next fight and crackdown on security.

But Webster Hall regulars say it’s unfair and one fight shouldn’t stop the music.

“It happens everywhere things like that,” said Leo Carrera. “People don’t know how to control themselves taking fight to the next level.”

PIX11 reached out for comment from Webster Hall but did not hear back.