NEW YORK (PIX11) — For the first time since the war began in the Middle East, some Americans have been allowed to evacuate Gaza, though hundreds more remain waiting for their chance.

For a New Jersey family, 10 Palestinian relatives never had that chance. Four generations of family were killed in a single airstrike this past weekend. 

Among the nearly 9,000 Palestinians killed, about half are children, officials have said.

Ten relatives of a Sami Shaban passed away. They ranged in age from 3 months to 72 years old and were wiped out by a single bombing.

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“Sunday was my birthday. My father called to tell me ‘Happy Birthday,’  but [ten] people in our family have passed away,'” said the Franklin Township resident.

Survivors of the blast had to dig through the rubble to find their remains so that the victims could have a funeral.

“It took four days to recover the pieces of these people,” said Atef Shaban, whose brother barely survived.

Save the Children estimates a Palestinian child dies every 10 minutes in the region.

The United Nations is strongly condemning these innocent casualties of war by Israel.