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MANHATTAN — A lone NYPD officer was forced to fight a group of men on a lower Manhattan subway platform and one man was sent tumbling to the tracks

A man who took video of the incident said the officer handled the situation well. He approached the group of five “noticeably intoxicated” men after a woman told him she was being harassed, police said. The officer asked them to leave the East Broadway station, but they refused and “became combative.”

“Step back” the officer says repeatedly in the video. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

He kicked attackers to the floor of the subway platform and used his baton.

Two men tried to intervene and stop the fight. One spread out his arms in front of the group, but another man ducked under his arms and lunged at the officer, then fell to the tracks. The officer radioed for the power to the tracks to be turned off and for additional units to respond.

The NYPD says the officer was working the station by himself and was following protocol, which is to stop the threat.

No one was seriously hurt, but the men were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. They were all charged with local law violation of being outstretched in the station