UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) — An Upper East Side resident is trying to get justice, after her dog was hit and killed at the intersection of 74th Street and Second Avenue around 6:15 a.m. Friday. The driver did not stay on the scene.

Surveillance video shows Beryl Spiegel and her Welsh Springer Spaniel Duncan crossing in the crosswalk with the “walk” sign.

“I remember seeing the van and looking up and making eye contact with the driver,” said Spiegel. “It felt like he stopped for a millisecond and then he continued, and I was screaming and other people were screaming, and he didn’t stop,” said Spiegel.

The van hit Duncan, and Spiegel was dragged down by the leash. Surveillance video shows the driver stayed put for 45 seconds before driving away. “Within seconds, I was holding this animal in my hands, so he saw,” said Spiegel. “There’s no way he didn’t see.”

“A good Samaritan driving behind the van immediately pulled over to help, driving Spiegel and an injured Duncan to the nearest vet.

“He was alive,” said Spiegel. “They didn’t like his breathing. And then in a couple of minutes, he stopped breathing and they had to do CPR and he died.”

Spiegel filed a police report, but because she was not hit, the potential consequences won’t be tough. The penalty in New York for hitting a dog with a car and not reporting it has a maximum fine of $100 for the first offense.

Still, Spiegel wants justice. “I remember he looked like a middle-aged male who had glasses on,” said Spiegel. “I just hope that someone will see this and be able to help us find this vehicle.”

Anyone with information can call the NYPD’s 19th Precinct at 212-452-0600.