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UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — It’s been a long time coming.

“Everyone’s so happy the streets are open,” said Alan Rice, owner of City Swiggers, located directly across the street from the new Second Avenue subway station on 86th Street.

“We are so excited, after years and years of construction we are so glad the governor pushed it through,” said Rice.

The much-anticipated station had been in the works for years, with scaffolds and construction debris an eyesore for people who live and work in the neighborhood.

Many businesses took hits and some residents started to move.

Robert Ryan, who works at Five Mile Stone on Second Avenue thinks it will all change now.

“Now with the subway opening up it’s gonna be a lot more business,” said Ryan.

The fear for businesses now is their rent going up.

But residents say they’re looking forward to their property value rising.

“Really excited, it’s gonna be good for the neighborhood,” said Michael Kappel.

The subway line officially opens to the public Sunday at noon.