LOWER MANHATTAN (PIX11) — The massacre inside a Texas elementary school has galvanized many around the nation — including in New York City. Now, many are calling for lawmakers to respond to the violence.

At a rally in Union Square Thursday night, dozens of people gathered to grieve. Together, they mourned the 21 lives lost in the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting

The vigil was put on by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

“Our children are dying for systems they did not create and for decisions they didn’t make. It’s devastating,” said Williams.

For many who attended, including Jane Kosstrin and her daughter, the families of the 19 children who were killed remained close to their hearts.

“I just have incredible sadness and I send them love. I don’t know how they get over that. They sent their children to elementary school and they didn’t come home,” said Kosstrin.

At a rally in Foley Square earlier in the day, advocates and city residents held a moment of silence before reading the names of those who died in the Texas massacre. They also reflected on the recent mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket.

“Enough is enough. We need to make a change,” Jovani Morel said.

The rally was hosted by the advocacy group Youth Other Guns. Protestors there said they want to see a national ban on assault weapons as well as stricter background checks.

“This is something that is unbearable,” Youth Over Guns member Luis Hernandez said. “We see the gun violence happen every day in our communities and there is something we can do about it. So we’re calling on our legislators to do something.”