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MIDTOWN, Manhattan — With just hours to go until Christmas, St. Patrick’s Cathedral prepared for Midnight Mass.

Thousands will gather in the midtown cathedral to usher in Christmas.

Julia Yang brought her cousin into the city from Long Island. “I actually used to come here when I was little. It was sort of a tradition. And I wanted to bring my little cousin here and hopefully it will also be a tradition for him and his kids as well,” she said.

While the mass is a ticketed event, it will air live on PIX11.

Bob Pronovost has directed it for 15 years.

“It’s a very holy event. It’s A big New York event. It’s one of the biggest things that happens in the city during the year. We like to show the holiness of the Catholic Mass,” he said.

As tourist John Bozdogan gazed at the famous gothic cathedral, he told PIX11 his Christmas wish.

“Actually peace for the whole world that’s what it is. That’s the first thing I wish, for the whole humanity,” he said.