MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) – Thousands of people gathered on Manhattan’s East Side Tuesday evening for a rally in support of Israel. 

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, Mayor Eric Adams, and Attorney General Leticia James were among those who addressed the thousands in attendance at New York Stands with Israel, a rally and vigil in support of the Israeli people living in a war zone.

“New York will never tolerate evil, whether it is committed here in our homeland or in Israel,” said Hochul. “We will never tolerate evil.” 

“We will not be alright until every person responsible for this act is held accountable,” said Adams.

It seemed everyone in attendance had a story of a family member or friend in Israel, trapped or traumatized by the violence. 

“My parents are in Tel Aviv right now,” said Ethan Morali, an NYU student who attended the rally. “They’re trying to get a flight to Barcelona. The previous flight was canceled.” 

Fellow NYU student Bella Ingber said her family and friends in Israel have been in and out of bomb shelters.

“We’ve been waiting by the phone, unsure of what’s happening,” said Ingber. “I have friends who are fighting on the front lines.” 

Several people said being at the rally was the only way they could help. 

“We can’t be there for them, but this is a way to be there for them, too,” said Aharon Rabinowitz. “Just to be there and show them that we care about them and that we love them and that we support them.”