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WEST VILLAGE, Manhattan — The Standard High Line hotel is offering free rooms and dinner to people displaced by Saturday night’s explosion in Chelsea.

The popular West Village hotel and bar took to social media Sunday morning to post a message about the explosion.

“We are saddened by last night’s explosion. If you live on 23rd btwn 6th & 7th, bring a proof of address and join us this evening, at The Standard, High Line, for a room and dinner on us,” the post read.

Residents who can provide proof that they live within the area will have a free night at the hotel, located at 848 Washington St.

By 4:45 p.m., the post had more than 1,700 shares and 3,000 likes.

“The Standard, y’all are a class act for sure,” wrote Nikki Olsen.

In Olsen’s comment, she wrote that her wedding was during Hurricane Irene and the hotel was incredibly accommodating.

“Best memories having our wedding party in the guest suite” wrote Olsen. “Thanks for continuing to spread the live during trying times!”

Twenty-nine people were injured Saturday night following an explosion in Chelsea.

The explosion caused “significant damage” to nearby buildings.

It was not immediately clear how many people were displaced by the explosion.

The Red Cross provided meals to residents of an assisted living center on 23rd Street where the cafeteria was damaged by the blast.

The Red Cross also provided food and water to first responders at the scene.