NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York City offers many options for recreation and entertainment. Swimming in the East River could become one of them.

A group called +Pool has proposed a floating swimming pool in the East River. It would use a filtration system to clean the water.

Kara Meyer is the managing director.

“The data is there. There are technologies that support safe access. But current regulations prevent it,” she said.

The idea of a pool in the East River has been floating around for years. Before the pandemic, the New York City Economic Development Corporation issued a request for proposals.

The group is working with the city and Mayor Eric Adams to make the pool a reality and they call on elected officials to change the regulations.

“I see 520 miles of waterfront opportunity. We have been improving the water quality over the past decade,” Meyer said.

+Pool also sponsors community events and teaches students to swim.

The potential site is north of the Manhattan Bridge. The project is currently operating under a notice to proceed with due diligence. 

The group says engineers and scientists tested the full filtration system in the harbor for five months and the concept works. A provisional patent has been filed.