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LOWER MANHATTAN — A man accused in a woman’s Manhattan subway station death thought the victim’s son had thrown garbage at him, according to court documents.

David Robinson, 53, told investigators he was angry at the man, so he followed, intending to hurt the man, according to the criminal complaint. When the 22-year-old man and his mother — Than Than Htwe — were on the stairs, Robinson allegedly grabbed the man’s backpack, pulling him to the ground.

Robinson said as the man fell backwards, he grabbed his mother, causing her to fall to the ground.

When she fell, Robinson said he heard a crack as her head hit the ground. She died nearly two weeks later.

Police originally described the incident as an attempted robbery.

The mom died in the hospital from complications of blunt impact injuries to her head, according to the criminal complaint.

Robinson was charged with manslaughter during his arraignment.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office requested that Robinson be remanded, but Judge Paul Goetz set bail at $100,000, in cash or a $75,000 insurance company bond or a $75,000 bond-surety-partially secured.

The NYPD initially identified the victim as Than Than Wtwe, though the woman’s family and the criminal complaint against Robinson note the woman’s name was Than Than Htwe.