INWOOD, Manhattan (PIX11) — Police arrested a suspect on manslaughter charges Wednesday in the August crash that killed two pedestrians.

Leandro A. Diaz-Ramirez was also charged with criminally negligent homicide and assault. The Aug. 3 crash left Joel Adames, 31, and David Fernandez, 40, dead.

The crash also injured several others. Five cars were either totaled or damaged after a Subaru driving west on 207th Street was t-boned when a BMW driving north on Sherman Avenue apparently ran a red light and t-boned the Subaru, according to the NYPD. Surveillance camera footage supports their account.

The impact threw the Subaru onto the sidewalk, where Fernandez and Adames were waiting to cross the street.

Adames and Fernandez were both well known in the community. Fernandez was a salsa instructor. He was also a well-known barber. Fernandez had just done a late-night haircut for Adames before they were killed.

After the deadly collision, Cardi B memorialized Adames in a social media post.

“Stupidness, negligence, I hope the worst to who committed this!” she wrote. “Took someone sooo loved, full of life and just all around amazing leaving people destroy.. RIP JOEL.”