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HARLEM — Waiting for the train can be boring, and sometimes the mind wanders — but if you find yourself staring at the gap between platforms thinking, “I got that,” just remember this gut-clenching video of a man trying to clear the subway tracks.

YouTube video shot by a straphanger inside Harlem’s 145th Street station shows a shirtless young man eyeing the gap as his buddy prepares for a leap of faith.  Like a blur, the video’s star, also shirtless, comes flying out of the right side of frame, plants both feet and tries to vault track-and-field-style over the tracks.

To his credit, he gets some serious height, but his soaring vertical only adds to the pain when the amateur MTA long jumper comes up short, slamming stomach-first into the edge of the platform.

The unidentified young man jumped up quickly and didn’t appear seriously hurt.  Thankfully, the third rail happened to be on the other side of the tracks.

In April, another young man ignored the MTA’s warnings and had a friend film as he jumped over the tracks in a Brooklyn station.