LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) — Murals bring art to the streets of New York City. The five boroughs are known as one of the best areas to check out artists’ work.

Technology and social media interactions connect viewers to a new mural at a place known to catch people’s attention.

Ludlow Wall is a rotating outdoor mural gallery off Delancey Street on the Lower East Side. A new installation wants to make the art “pop” and transport the viewer to another place (San Diego, to be exact).

The mural was commissioned by the San Diego Tourism Authority and Tripadvisor, the travel information site. Three artists from California worked on it.

Don, a resident of the Lower East Side, finds the mural space to be engaging. “It brightens it up and gives it some life. It’s something nice,” he said.

Passersby see the colorful scenes and the message that “happiness is calling.”

At the bottom right-hand side, there’s a QR code that opens Instagram and connects to social media filters and information about visiting San Diego.

Adam Ochman is marketing director for Tripadvisor. The digital connection from the street adds social media components, along with video and web links.

“Anybody coming to experience this weather in real life walking through the streets New York, Chicago and LA will also have the opportunity to take the physical to the digital with them,” he said.

Advertisers have been looking for ways to connect with potential customers in unique ways.

The mural will be up until April 30.