HAMILTON HEIGHTS, Manhattan (PIX11) — Three suspects seen in an NYPD-issued photo are wanted for a brutal beating and robbery of a teen in Manhattan, according to police.

The victim is a 16-year-old boy, and his attackers left him unconscious on the sidewalk and then stole his Jordan sneakers, police said.

Nina, who did not provide her last name, said she heard about the Saturday night assault in front of a McDonald’s in Hamilton Heights. She wasn’t shocked to hear about it, including the suspects stealing the victim’s sneakers right off his feet.

“And no one helped the kid. No one did anything. I think that’s the biggest issue. We need to work together within the city,” she said.

PIX11 reached out to the victim’s father Thursday night. His family declined to speak publicly. Law enforcement sources familiar with the case told PIX11 News the victim and his friend initially got into an argument with the suspects at the Riverbank State Park Ice Rink.

Several teens told PIX11 News that these days, taking someone’s shoes after a fight is considered a prize.

“Hear a lot of things like that every day. It’s been happening for years,” said Gaoussou, a teenager who lives in Manhattan. “After hearing things like this, you start to think twice about wearing expensive clothes and Jordans, expensive Jordans – highly desirable, because you start to see that, OK – I might be a target of this violence and conflict. And you start to think twice about it.”

Chris, another teen, added: “It’s like a Plus-One type of thing. It’s like: ‘I beat you up. I got your Jordans now.’ It’s like: ‘I can do what I want with them.’ It’s like an ego thing, kinda.”