NEW YORK (PIX11) — No complaints this St. Patrick’s Day from Paddy Maguire, the owner of Paddy Maguire’s Ale House on Third Avenue on the Lower East Side. 

“I feel fantastic, great, wonderful day,” said Maguire. 

This is Maguire’s busiest day of the year, and it’s beneficial as he financially recovers from the pandemic. 

“We had it so hard and it really destroyed us, but things come back; things are great,” said Maguire. “And you know what? Manhattan, New York City, we don’t go down easy.” 

After Friday, he’s undoubtedly bouncing back, attracting customers who live around the corner and some who came all the way from Ireland. 

“Absolutely brilliant,” said Catherine Farrell, who is visiting New York City from Ireland. “It was on my bucket list…maybe I’ll do it again, I don’t know.” 

“This is our most looked forward to day of the year, every year,” said customer Alexandra Hilaris. “They always make you feel like you’re transported into Ireland, and they’ve got great decorations.” 

“It’s fun, carefree. Everyone’s just here to have a good time,” said customer Colleen Dibiase. 

The Irish coffees and green beers add up to give Paddy Maguire his most profitable day of the year.

“Today is most significant because it will help me out for the rest of the summer,” said Maguire. “Because summertime in New York City, a lot of people leave. June, July – forget about it. And it helps tremendously.”