UNION SQUARE, Manhattan (PIX11) — Another setback for the small business owners of Unregular Pizza: Someone broke into the Union Square location, shattering the front door and smashing the cash register, police said.

Owner Paola Sstore estimated approximately $1,000 was stolen from the pizzeria on Fourth Avenue around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Surveillance video obtained by PIX11 News shows a clear image of the suspect, who was wearing one white plastic glove.

The suspect on the video appears “very calm, so that’s actually scary to see these people are not even scared of the consequences,” co-owner Gabriele Lamonaca told PIX 11 News.

Back in February, a different suspect also smashed the front door and began throwing glasses at Lamonaca and an employee. That person was arrested, police said.

Lamonaca told PIX11 News he and his wife will not be deterred from running their dream business of bringing Roman-style pizza to New York City.

Lamonaca started making pizzas in his apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic, bartering them for other food when restaurants were shut down.

Now, there are three locations of Unregular Pizza, and the couple recently opened up Unregular Bakery near Union Square. 

“I just wish the city was safer, you know, in general. It’s just, uh, a rising in crime, in general. I hear every day of other businesses in the area got robbed,” Lamonaca said.