MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — From the cash register to cashing out, Saks Fifth Avenue is finalizing a plan to add a luxury, high-end casino to its iconic Midtown store, according to a source close to its owners.

The retail giant and its owners, Hudson Bay Company, are in the process of obtaining a gaming license in New York after spending the past year strategizing a way to upgrade its Manhattan location, the source said.

The project would entail turning the upper floors of the store into a casino that would entice tourists and visitors “seeking that luxurious, Manhattan experience,” the source added.

“We are excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to enhancing the Fifth Avenue legacy,” the source said.

The State Gaming Facility Location Board will have the final decision on the Saks casino. The casino permits cost $500 million and the application fee is $1 million.