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MEATPACKING DISTRICT, Manhattan (PIX11) — This posh hotel in a hot neighborhood has certainly seen controversy. Known for guests that like to bare it all. And that infamous Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange elevator fight.

Now they’re accused of delivering sub-standard service. Saturday night a female naval officer in her iconic uniform was turned was told she couldn’t come into their bar because she wasn’t in the dress code.

The Daily News says the sailor was in town for Fleet Week. She tried to get past the Standard’s velvet rope with a group of friends. Those friends were dressed for cocktails. The officer in uniform. And the bouncer wouldn’t budge.

The Standard Hotels sent PIX11 a statement regarding the incident.

“We hold those service in the United States Armed Forces in the highest regard. This was a mistake and we sincerely apologize,” the statement said.

Last summer, an attorney and dance teacher say they too were mistreated at the hotel’s bar.

The friends told PIX11 they were in the middle of a nice night out when a man offered to buy them drinks. Then suddenly security stepped in.

“He turns to us and says come on ladies you can have a drink but you can’t do your soliciting,” said Kentucky Washington. “Like are we being called out as soliciting?”

The eventually received an apology from The Standard Hotels and an offer to come back for dinner. That offer was declined.