MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) — The battle over where to send migrants is heating up as a federal regulation expires just as New York City’s mayor is sparring with two county executives. 

Rockland County Executive Ed Day said Mayor Eric Adams picked the wrong person to fight with over the busing of migrants to upstate counties. The Rockland County executive issued a state of emergency this weekend. 

Day said it will be an ugly battle with the Democratic mayor after Adams announced that 300 people would have the choice to voluntarily go to either Orange Lake in Newburgh in Orange County or Orangeburg in Rockland County.   

“Now that the state of emergency is in effect, we have law enforcement deployed, ready to react to anything that comes up to this county,” Day said speaking on “The Rob Astorino Show” on 77 WABC.

New York City has provided shelter for more than 60,000 asylum seekers since last spring, with over 37,000 people still in the city’s care. 

The city is now bracing for even more arrivals when Title 42 expires Thursday because border agents will no longer be able to turn people away on public health grounds. 

A spokesman for Adams said that the city will be paying the migrants’ bills, even if they go upstate, for at least the next four months.

But Day said there will be tremendous fines to pay if the migrants arrive without his approval. 

“We are establishing licensing requirements for all hotels,” Day said on the radio program. “[A] $2,000 fine per day per person if hotels are not licensed, a total of $68,000 a day.”

The Orange County executive was also critical of Adams’ plan and asked for a delay in sending asylum seekers to the city of Newburgh. Steven Neuhaus said the location chosen is not within walking distance of any resources for the migrants.