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GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL, Manhattan — One day after an intense fire beneath the Park Avenue Viaduct in East Harlem, Metro North continued to run trains on a Saturday schedule.

After two-and three-hour commutes into New York City Wednesday morning, people packed trains out of Grand Central Terminal in the afternoon and evening. Many braced for a long ride home.

During the evening commute, PIX11 News got a first hand experience and road on a Harlem line train. It was so packed people stood in the aisle and near the doors.

In the afternoon, trains were canceled and combined. Travelers were left confused and waited around for the next train out of the city.

Jim Strachan told PIX11 News he would normally leave work at 6 p.m. Instead, he was on mid-afternoon train back to Connecticut.

“Gotta leave early, get home for dinnertime to be with the kids,” Strachan said.

Strachan said he came from Fairfield and sat on a train for three hours in the morning.

Commuters lined up at information kiosks trying to figure out where to go. While some people were irritated and angry about the inconvenience, Michelle Drinkwater said she knows limited train service was needed. Trains only ran on two of the four tracks.

“Coming in we could see all of the wreckage and stuff that was down there from the fire from yesterday. Everybody is safe I guess. A little bit of a pain, but I understand it,” Drinkwater said.

Metro-North said Thursday trains will run on an enhanced Saturday schedule. A third track is expected to be back in service. Additional trains will be added for peak hours, but commuters should still expect delays and crowded trains.